Articles for april 2015

VIRYA-4.6 replaced by VIRYA-4.6B2

The VIRYA-4.6 with a 3-bladed rotor and a disign tip speed ratio of 7 is replaced by the VIRYA-4.6B2 with a 2-bladed rotor and a design tip speed ratio of 7.75. For the former VIRYA-4.6, a generator with a special 267/460 V winding in star was required for 48 V battery charging. The VIRYA-4.6B2 has a higher rotatinal speed and therefore the standard 400/690 V winding in star can be used for 96 V battery charging. For 48 V battery charging, the standard winding can be modified into a 200/345 V winding by connecting the first and the second layer in parallel in stead of in series. This procedure is described in report KD 341.

report KD 333 added

This older KD-report describes the Gö 711-12% and the Gö 711-10% airfoils.