Articles for mei 2017

KD 341 reviewed

Some recent new reports about small PM-generators have been added to chapter 6 of KD 341. A new chapter 7 has been added to KD 341. In this chapter, the magnet costs of the 26-pole radial flux generator as described in report KD 632 are compared to the magnet costs of the 8-pole axial flux generator as described in report KD 631. In chapter 7 also a simple methode is given to compare the maximum torque levels of both generators.

KD 631 and KD 632 added

Reports KD 631 and KD 632 have been added to the list of free public KD-reports. KD 631 describes the 8-pole axial flux generator of the VIRYA-1.81. This generator has eight round neodymium magnets with a diameter of 45 mm and a thickness of 15 mm. It has a synthetic stator sheet which prevents the generation of eddy currents. KD 632 describes a 26-pole PM-generator using the housing of a 4-pole, 3-phase, 0.75 kW asynchronous motor frame size 80 and 26 neodymium magnets size 40 * 7 * 3 mm.

KD 626 reviewed

A new chapter 9 has been added to report KD 626 about the axial flux generator of the VIRYA-1.25AF. In this chapter the following measurements and conclusions are given for a steel stator sheet with a thickness of 3 mm. The sticking torque isn’t fluctuating for low rotational speeds. The pulling force in between the armature sheet and the stator sheet is 70 N. The rise of the stator temperature is 6 degrees C after running for 10 minutes at a rotational speed of 735 rpm. The power loss due to eddy currents in the stator sheet is only 8 W at the maximum loaded rotational speed of 650 rpm. The unloaded AC voltage for one coil with a test winding of 110 turns is 1.32 V for a rotational speed of 250 rpm, so the coils of the VIRYA-1 can also be used for the VIRYA-1.25AF.