Articles for november 2018

KD 667 added

Report KD 667 has been added at the menu KD-reports. The title of this report is: “Ideas about a 12-pole permanent magnet generator using a motor housing frame size 100 and a stator with no iron in the coils for use in combination with the VIRYA-3B3 rotor”. This report describes a bigger generator using the same magnets and the same principles as used for the 8-pole generator as described in report KD 644. The main advantages of a PM-generator with no iron in the coils are that it has a high peak efficiency as there are no iron losses and that it has no clogging torque. This results in a low starting wind speed and the VIRYA-3B3 with this 12-pole generator can therefore be used in regions with low wind speeds.

KD 644 reviewed

Report KD 644 in which the 8-pole PM-generator is described, has been reviewed. To find a heat resistant glue with which the Delrin armature bush can be glued in the aluminium housing, can be difficult. Therefore an alternative has been described in chapter 4 for which the Delrin bush is connected to the housing by six M8 bolts.

KD 484 reviewed

Report KD 484 in which the VIRYA-3B3 rotor is described, is reviewed. A photo of the generator drawing with drawing number 1201-01 has been added in appendix 2. As the drawing is originally made on A1 format, a print of the photo on A4 format will be too small to read the measures but the measures can be read on the computer screen if the scale is enlarged. Manufacture of the wooden rotor blades of the VIRYA-3B3 is rather easy as the blades have a constant chord and no twist.

KD 664 added

Report KD 664 has been added to the list of public KD-reports. The title of this report is: “Calculations executed for the 2-bladed rotor of the VIRYA-1.8W windmill (lambda design = 6.25, wooden blades) used in combination with an 8-pole permanent magnet generator frame size 71 with a stator with no iron in the coils”. Report KD 664 contains detailed drawings of the rotor and the hub. This rotor is meant for the generator as described in report KD 644.