Articles for augustus 2019

KD 601 reviewed

Report KD 601 about a self starting Darrieus rotor has been reviewed. The estimated Cp-lambda and Cq-lambda curves given at chapter 5 have been changed. For very low lambda values, the rotor works as a drag machine and the Cq-lambda curve now has a small positive Cq value for values of lambda smaller than 0.3. The maximum Cp has been reduced from 0.35 up to 0.3.

KD 416 reviewed

Table 1 out of report KD 416 about drag machines has been extended. The Cp-lambda and Cq-lambda curves have been added in figure 2 and figure 3.

KD 599 reviewed

A new link to the report: “Wind tunnel blockage corrections: an application to vertical-axis wind turbines” has been added as point 2.8 in report KD 599: “Measurements of Savonious rotors available in the Internet”.

KD 679 added, certain reports cancelled and certain reports and folders reviewed

Report KD 679 has been added to the menu-KD reports. The tittle of this report is: “Development of an 8-pole, 3-phase axial flux permanent magnet generator for the VIRYA-1 windmill using a bicycle hub and 8 neodymium magnets size round 25 * 12 mm and a stator made out of galvanised steel sheet”. Report KD 679 replaces report KD 608 which is cancelled. Report KD 626 in which the VIRYA-1.25AF rotor is described is cancelled too because the matching in between rotor and generator isn’t good enough for the measured generator characteristics. The generator characteristics are given in report KD 678 which has been reviewed. Report KD 672 has been reviewed too. The extended specification and the folders of the free VIRYA designs which are given at the menu KD-folders have been reviewed too.

KD 678 reviewed

A new chapter 6, “Generator measurements”, has been added to report KD 678. A teacher of a technical school has built the 8-pole generator of the VIRYA-1.02 and I have measured this generator on my test rig for a 12 V battery load. The torque level of the generator appeared to be lower than expected but the matching in between rotor and generator is still acceptable. The maximum electrical power for the rated wind speed of 8 m/s is about 24 W.

KD 670 reviewed

Some small mistakes have been removed from report KD 670 about the VIRYA-5.2.