Articles for september 2020

KD 551 reviewed

The new chapters 7 and 8 have been added to report KD 551 in which aerodynamic characteristics are given for rectangular flat plates with different aspect ratios. Chapter 7 is called: “Determination of the moment coefficient Cmh around a point H for a square plate”. Chapter 8 is called: “Determination of the moment coefficient Cmh around a point H for an aspect ratio 1 : 5”. This information is important if a vane is rotating around an axis which is lying behind the airfoil nose. This axis should not be taken too far from the airfoil nose other wise the vane becomes instable.

KD 341 reviewed

A new chapter 8 “Experiments with Chinese axial flux generators of Hefei Top Grand” has been added to report KD 341: “Development of the permanent magnet (PM) generators of the VIRYA windmills”.

KD 707 added

Report KD 707 has been added at the menu KD-reports. The title of this report is: “Replacement of the original radial flux PM-generator of the VIRYA-4.2 by the axial flux PM-generator of Hefei Top Grand type TGET380-10KW-1200R for 48 V battery charging”.

Drawings of the VIRYA-4.2 windmill are no longer available. The main goal of writing this report KD 707 is not to introduce a new VIRYA design but to find the procedure how the Pmech-n and Pel-n curves for a 48 V battery load can be estimated from the specification of the manufacturer. Making this knowledge available, is the reason why this report is made public.