Report KD 747 can be copied for free at the menu KD-reports. The title of this report is: “Ideas about a 30-pole, 3-phase permanent magnet generator using the housing and winding of a 6-pole motor frame size 12M”. The armature of this generator has 30 mechanical poles and the stator has 36 poles resulting in 180 preference positions per revolution. The peak on the cogging torque will therefore be rather low. The armature has 6 magnetic poles and can therefore be used in combination with the standard 3-phase motor winding.

A new chapter 6 has been added to report KD 747 on 27-4-2023. The title of this chapter is: “Using a 48-pole armature and a 12-pole, 3-phase, 2-layers winding”.

The chapter 6 about the 48-pole armature has been cancelled ob 30-4-2023 and replaced by a new chapter 6 with title: “Using a real 30 pole armature and a 3-phase, 1-layer winding”.