The prototype of the VIRYA-2.2S has been tested for more than 12 years on the testfield of Kragten Design in Sint-Oedenrode which is certainly long enough to prove that it is a good design. The windmill is dismounted because the starting wind speed was increased. It appeared that the oil seal at the generator shaft was worn and that water had penetrated in the front bearing resulting in too much friction. Both generator bearings were replaced by new bearings with rubber seals. The oil seal was replaced by a spring loaded type with dust lip. The steel Permaglide head bearings were replaced by bronze Permaglide head bearings. As the rotor, the generator shaft, the head and the tower pipe are made out of stainless steel, this windmill is now as good as new. It can start a second live and it is expected that it will work well for many years. The steel 6 m low lattice tower has to be re-painted. The concrete foundation size 50 * 50 * 50 cm has still to be dug out but a larger foundation size 70 * 70 * 50 cm is better for soft grounds.

The prototype of the VIRYA-2.2S is for sale for a fixed price of € 1000 excluding 21 % VAT. A detailed specification is given in the folder of the VIRYA-2.2S which can be found at the menu VIRYA-folders. A control box with short-circuit switch, rectifier, voltage controller and dump load for 24 V battery charging is included in the price. Buying the prototype, doesn’t mean that one gets a licence for manufacture of more VIRYA-2.2S windmills for free.