Articles for november 2015

Report KD 599 added

The report KD 599: “Measurements of Savonius rotors available on the Internet” has been added to the menu KD-reports. Originally this was a KD technical note written on 30-12-2009 but the digital original was lost because of a computer crash. The content has been typed anew and slightly modified and is now given as the free public report KD 599.

Report KD 417 added

The older report KD 417: “The rotating blade, vertical axis wind turbine” has been added to the list of free KD-reports. This report was originally written in April 2009 but has slightly been modified in November 2015. I think that this type of windmill can better not be used for electricity generation but if a large starting torque is required like, for water pumping, it might be an option.

All public KD-reports now available for free

As I am retired for some years now, I no longer need income from selling my KD-reports. So I have decided that from now on all my public KD-reports can be copied for free by anybody. This concerns ten more reports with former prices in between € 20 and € 40. My most important report is certainly KD 35: Rotor design and matching for horizontal axis wind turbines. Report KD 196 gives questions and answers about each chapter of KD 35 in English and in Dutch. A list of all 46 free public KD-reports is given as the first item of the menu KD-reports. All reports have a rather long title which gives a good impression of the content.

Report KD 598 about VIRYA-0.65 water turbine added

On 9-11-2015 the new report KD 598 has been added at the menu KD-reports. The title of this report is: Ideas about the 3-bladed VIRYA-0.65 water turbine with 20 degrees inclined shaft coupled to the generator of the VIRYA-2.68 windmill for 12 V battery charging.