Articles for december 2015

Reports KD 319 and KD 320 added

Report KD 319: “Calculation executed for the 4-bladed rotor of the VIRYA-2.8B4 windmill (lamda design = 2.5, galvanised steel blades)” and report KD 320: “Development of the VIRYA-2.8B4, a windmill with a Polycord transmission in between the rotor shaft and the vertical shaft to drive a rope pump or an Archimedian screw pump” have been added to the menu KD-reports. These two reports link together with report KD 321: “Combination of the VIRYA-2.8B4 windmill with a rope pump” which was already a free public KD-report.

Information about the self starting H-Darrieus rotor for water pumping as described in report KD 601, has been added to report KD 490: “Water pumping with a windmill”.

Report KD 601 Added

The report KD 601: Ideas about a self starting, 3-bladed H-Darrieus rotor for water pumping has been added at the menu KD-reports. This reports describes the idea to make a H-Darrieus rotor self starting without loosing the advantage that the rotor accepts wind from any direction. It also gives a design procedure for the rotor derived from the design procedure of a horizontal axis wind turbine. The angle of attack and the lift coefficient are determined for 12 positions of a blade.