Articles for januari 2022

KD 340 reviewed

A new figure 10 has been added to chapter 2.3.1 of report KD 340. This figure gives the variation of the power for 3-phase star rectification. A new chapter 2.3.3 has been added to report KD 340. The title of this chapter is: “Rectification of each phase with a 1-phase bridge rectifier”. The advantage of this third way of rectification of a 3-phase current is that the voltage and the power are somewhat higher than for star rectification. The disadvantage is that the diode losses are higher.

KD 712 added

Report KD 712 has been added at the menu KD-reports. The title of this report is: “Ideas about a 5-phase and a 9-phase PM-generator”. Especially the 9-phase generator has a very low fluctuation of the rectified DC voltage. The way of rectification with three separate 3-phase windings as described in chapter 6.2 is most promising as this way gives the highest power.