Articles for april 2016

review KD 551 and KD 485

Report KD 551 has been extended by a chapter 6 in which the aerodynamic characteristics of rectangular flat plates with aspect ratios of 2 : 1 and 1 : 2 are corrected for wind tunnel blockage. Report KD 485 has been extended by a chapter 4 in which the effect of using an auxiliary vane with an aspect ratio of 2 : 1 in stead of an eccentrically placed rotor is researched.

KD 608 reviewed

Report KD 608 has been reviewed again. Chapter 9 has been added in which the basic measurements are described to determine the wire thickness and the number of turns per coil. The winding is now defined as a 6 V /12 V winding which means that the two coils of one phase have to be connected in series for 12 V battery charging.

KD 608 reviewed, KD 574 cancelled

Report KD 608 has been reviewed such that it now contains the drawings of the rotor and the 8-pole axial flux generator of the VIRYA-1. The rotor calculations are also included in report KD 608. The 8-pole generator is now the standard generator for the VIRYA-1. The 6-pole generator for the VIRYA-1 as described in report KD 574 is cancelled and therefore report KD 574 is cancelled too.

The 8-pole generator of the VIRYA-1 has a synthetic stator sheet and therefore no eddy currents are generated. The sticking torque will therefore be very low and the VIRYA-1 will have a very low starting wind speed and a high maximum efficiency. It is scheduled to build and test a prototype of the VIRYA-1 generator in spring 2016.