Articles for juni 2023

KD 670 removed

Report KD 670 about the VIRYA-5.2 has been removed. It appeared that the used generator of Hefei Top Grand type TGET450-2KW-180R is too light. The about similar VIRYA-5B3 is described in report KD 710 and this wind turbine uses the stronger generator TGET450-5KW-300R.

KD 579 reviewed

Chapter 6.5 of report KD 579 about the VIRYA-6.5 has been reviewed completely. The title of this chapter is now: “Use of the VIRYA-6.5 with a PM-generator type PMG-I-620-10kW-250R”. This axial flux PM-generator is made by the Chinese manufacturer Hefei Top Grand.

KD 484 reviewed

A new chapter 9 has been added to report KD 484 about the VIRYA-3B3 rotor. The title of this chapter is: “Use of a cheaper alternative PM-generator”. This generator is described in chapter 7 of report KD 718.

KD 745 reviewed

A new chapter 5 has been added to report KD 745 about the Sparta Ion hub motor. The title of this new chapter is: “Designing a small rotor with a high starting torque coefficient”. The rotor is called the VIRYA-1.4. It has a diameter of 1.4 m, four steel blades and a design tip speed ratio of 2.5.