Articles for oktober 2018

KD 465 added

Report KD 465 which was already written in 2011 has been reviewed and added at the menu KD-reports. The title of this report is: “Calculations executed for the 2-bladed rotor of the VIRYA-1.5 windmill (lambda design = 4.5, steel blades) with generator frame size 71 and original motor shaft”. This report has been made public because it might be possible to use the given rotor in combination with the 34-pole PM-generator which is described in public report KD 580 or with the 8-pole PM-generator which is described in report KD 644.

KD 580 and KD 632 reviewed

Reports KD 580 and KD 632 have been reviewed. Chapter 7.4 of KD 580 has been changed such that now there is a reference for the 34-pole generator with a 90 mm wide stator to the VIRYA-2.2 rotor as described in KD 632. In the end of KD 632 a reference is included to KD 580.

KD 644 reviewed

A new chapter 4 has been added to report KD 644 in which an 8-pole PM-generator without iron in the coils, is described. Chapter 4 describes an alternative 1-layer, 3-phase winding with six coils. This winding is simpler than the original 2-layers winding with twelve coils. A picture of the alternative winding is given in figure 3.

KD 662 added

Report KD 662 has been added to the menu KD-reports. The tittle of this report is: “The VIRYA-0.45, a small wind turbine for practical tests by students in the class room”. The test rig and the rotor were already developed in 1998 but were never published and the Dutch report KD 27 in which the test rig is described was not made public as it isn’t digital. As there is interest in Israel for such a test rig, the relevant subjects out of KD 27 were translated into English in this new report KD 662. KD 662 contains photos of detailed drawings of the test rig, the rotor and tools to twist the blade spokes. The wind turbine is that simple that the rotor can be made by high school students. Several tests are described to give them an impression about wind energy.

KD 491 made public

Report KD 491, originally written in March 2012 but reviewed in October 2018, has been made public and added to the list of public KD-reports. The title of this report is: “Research of the usability of the Solaflux solar pump with a 2.6 mm cam in combination with the VIRYA-3B3 windmill. The Solaflux pump has been tested already in 2003. The use of this pump in combination with the VIRYA-3D windmill is described in the Dutch report KD 114. However, the VIRYA-3D windmill with steel blades is cancelled and in KD 491 it is demonstrated that this pump can also be used in combination with the VIRYA-3B3 windmill with wooden blades.

KD 651 reviewed

Chapter 7.5 of KD 651 has been reviewed. It has been investigated if the vane pump, which is described in KD 661, can be used in combination with the VIRYA-3.6L2 if there is an accelerating gearing with a gear ratio 6.5 : 1 in between the vertical shaft and the pump shaft.

KD 661 added

The new report KD 661 has been added to the menu KD-reports. The title of this report is: “Ideas about a vane pump for low height irrigation directly driven by a 24 V, 0,35 kW, permanent magnet motor frame size 71”. The vane pump described in this report has a high efficiency as the vanes are not pressed against the pump housing. The pump is designed for a maximum static height H = 10 m and has a nominal flow of about 9 m^3 per hour which makes it suitable for irrigation. The pump motor can be powered by a wind turbine or by a solar panel.