Articles for december 2017

Geocache “Geen mollen en kruizen”

Aan hoofdstuk 3 van de notitie “Een notenschrift zonder mollen en kruizen” die te vinden is onder het menu “No wind energy” werd een opmerking toegevoegd die verwijst naar de geocache “Geen mollen en kruizen” die op 27-12-2017 on-line gegaan is. Hoofdstuk 4 werd enigszins gewijzigd en er werd een stukje aan toegevoegd dat verwijst naar een nieuw toetsenbord. Het systeem zoals dat in hoofdstuk 4 beschreven wordt, wordt nu het alfa-notenschrift genoemd.

KD 562 and KD 576 added, KD 560 reviewed

The reports KD 562 and KD 576 have been added at the menu KD-reports. The title of KD 562 is: “Development of a tubular tower for the VIRYA-3.3S windmill”. The title of KD 576 is: Calculations executed for the 3-bladed rotor of the VIRYA-3.3S windmill (lambda design = 4.5, steel blades) using a 34-pole PM-generator for coupling to a pump motor”. Report KD 560, in which the 34-pole PM-generator of the VIRYA-3.3S is described, is modified slightly. So now all the design reports about the VIRYA-3.3S are made public.

Manual VIRYA-1.81 changed

The VIRYA-1.81 uses the same head and tower as the VIRYA-1.8 but the licence of the VIRYA-1.8 is no longer available and so printed drawings of head and tower can no longer be obtained. The manual of the VIRYA-1.81 is now built up from two parts. Part 1 gives the description of the manufacture of the wind turbine and the drawings of the rotor and the generator. Part 2 is new and gives photo’s of the format A2 drawings of the head and the tower of the VIRYA-1.8. These photo’s give an impression of how these components look like. The photo’s are originally put in the word-file of the manual but this word-file is much too large to put it on my website. The pdf-files which are used on the website are much smaller but a part of the accuracy of the photo’s is lost and it might be that not all measures can be read on a computer screen. They can certainly not be read on an A4 print.

Notitie “Een notenschrift zonder mollen en kruizen” gewijzigd

De notitie “Een notenschrift zonder mollen en kruizen” zoals vermeld onder het menu “No wind energy” is aangepast. Bij hoofdstuk 3 werden twee versies van de jazz-balad  ‘Round midnight van Thelonious Monk toegevoegd. Figuur 3 is de versie volgens het gangbare notenschrift. Figuur 4 is de versie waarbij voor de zwartetoetstonen driehoekige noten gebruikt worden. Omdat ‘Round Midnight in zes mollen staat is het voordeel van het nieuwe systeem duidelijk.

The English version of the note “A staff notation without flats and sharps” has also be changed.

KD 648 and KD 484 added

The title of KD 648 is: Ideas about a 38-pole permanent magnet generator for the VIRYA-3B3 windmill using the housing of a 6-pole, 3-phase, 1.5 kW asynchronous motor frame size 100 and 57 neodymium magnets size 40 * 7 * 3 mm. This generator is an alternative for the original 4-pole generator of the VIRYA-3B3. To give an impression of the rotor of the VIRYA-3B3, the design report of this rotor, which was already made in 2012, is also made public. The title of KD 484 is: Calculations executed for the 3-bladed rotor of the VIRYA-3B3 (lambda design = 6.5, wooden blades). The blades of the VIRYA-3B3 rotor have a constant chord and a constant blade angle.

Kragten Design is no longer a commercial company

At this moment I am 70 years old and I am retired for about five years now. During the last four years almost no commercial activities were performed so in December 2017 I decided to completely stop the commercial activities (see folder Kragten Design at the menu home for more information about the future).