The VIRYA-1.81 uses the same head and tower as the VIRYA-1.8 but the licence of the VIRYA-1.8 is no longer available and so printed drawings of head and tower can no longer be obtained. The manual of the VIRYA-1.81 is now built up from two parts. Part 1 gives the description of the manufacture of the wind turbine and the drawings of the rotor and the generator. Part 2 is new and gives photo’s of the format A2 drawings of the head and the tower of the VIRYA-1.8. These photo’s give an impression of how these components look like. The photo’s are originally put in the word-file of the manual but this word-file is much too large to put it on my website. The pdf-files which are used on the website are much smaller but a part of the accuracy of the photo’s is lost and it might be that not all measures can be read on a computer screen. They can certainly not be read on an A4 print.