Articles for december 2019

KD 503 reviewed

Report KD 503 is reviewed in which an alternative 4-pole, PM-generator for the VIRYA-3 or the VIRYA-3B3 is described. A new chapter 4 has been added in which it is investigated if in stead of an Indian motor housing, it is possible to use a housing according to IEC norm. I is possible but only if a new stainless steel shaft is used.

KD 683 reviewed

Chapter 5 of report KD 683 has been reviewed. Three alternative armature constructions are given in this chapter.

KD 690 added

Report KD 690 has been added to the menu KD-reports. The tittle of this report is: “Ideas about a 4-pole permanent magnet generator for the VIRYA-2S windmill using the housing of a 4-pole, 3-phase, 0.75 kW asynchronous motor frame size 80 and 4 neodymium magnets size 80 * 20 * 10 mm. Design report of the rotor (lambda design = 4.5, B = 3, stainless steel blades)”.

Advantages of these generator are that the magnet costs are rather low (about € 28) and that the maximum torque level is that high that the generator can be used as a brake in combination with the VIRYA-2S rotor and the hinged side vane safety system.

KD 679 reviewed

Report KD 679 about the 8-pole VIRYA-1 PM-generator has been reviewed. The generator measurements and the discussion about the measurements which were originally given in report KD 678 are now also given in chapter 9 and 10 of report KD 679. So the drawings of the generator and the measurements are now available in the same report.

KD 678 reviewed

A new chapter 8 has been added to report KD 678 about the VIRYA-1.02. In this chapter, an alternative stator is described for which the coils have no front and back flange. The coils are therefore thinner and the air gap in between the magnets and the steel stator disk can be reduced by 2 mm. This results in a stronger magnetic flux through the coils. The Pmech-n curve of the generator will therefore shift to the left resulting in a better matching in between rotor and generator and in a higher maximum power.