Articles for april 2018

KD 654 added

Report KD 654 is added to the menu KD-reports. The title of KD 654 is: “Calculations executed for the 3-bladed rotor of the VIRYA-3.6PC windmill (lambda design = 4.5, galvanised steel blades) driving the VIRYA-4.2 PM-generator for 26 V star or driving a centrifugal pump through a rectangular gear box and a vertical shaft in the tower. Description of the pitch control system”. A sketch of the whole rotor is given in figure 1 of KD 654. A sketch of the pitch control mechanism is given in figure 6 of KD 654.

KD 501 added

Report KD 501 has been made public. The tittle of this report is: Determination of the Cm-alfa curves for different positions of the axis of rotation for a 10 %, 5 % and 7.14 % cambered airfoil with an aspect ratio of 5. The information out of this report is needed if one wants to design a pitch control safety system for a rotor with 7.14 % cambered blades.

KD 652 and KD 653 added

Report KD 634 has been cancelled and is replaced by KD 652 and KD 653. The title of KD 653 is: Development of the VIRYA-3.6, a windmill with a Polycord transmission in between the rotor shaft and the vertical shaft to drive a standard centrifugal pump. KD 652 gives the calculations of the 4-bladed VIRYA-3.6 rotor.

The VIRYA-3.6 has a 15 mm round Polycord string in the tower top with an accelerating gear ratio of 2.5 : 1. At the bottom of the vertical shaft there is a rectangular gear box with an accelerating gear ratio of about 4. The gear box is flanged to a standard low head 1-step centrifugal pump which can be used for drainage or for low head irrigation.