Articles for juni 2016

KD 532 added, KD 511 cancelled

Report KD 511 is replaced by report KD 532. Both reports describe the VIRYA-3.1 with a rotor made of Roofmate and glass fibre. The rotor in KD 532 has a design tip speed ratio of 7 in stead of 6.5 as used in KD 511. The matching with the generator for 24 V battery charging is better for a design tip speed ratio of 7.

KD 490 reviewed

Three references of KD-reports concerning positive displacement pumps are added to chapter 5 of report KD 490. It concerns report KD-539 about a fast running vane pump, report KD 542 about a diaphragm pump with three in line diaphragms and report KD 544 about a double piston pump with a constant upwards piston speed.