Articles for september 2023

KD 745 reviewed

Report KD 745 about the Sparta Ion front wheel hub motor has been reviewed. Chapter 6 has been modified completely. The 3-bladed VIRYA-1.25B3 rotor has been replaced by the 3-bladed VIRYA-1.38 rotor because the starting wind speed of the VIRYA-1.25B3 rotor was too high. The 3-bladed VIRYA-1.38 rotor has about the same P-n curves as the 4-bladed VIRYA-1.4 rotor as described in chapter 5 but uses less material.

KD 727 reviewed

A new chapter 11 has been added to report KD 727 about the VIRYA-12. The title of this chapter is: “Use of a PM-generator of Hefei Top Grand type PMG900-I-30KW-100R”. The same generator is also used in the VIRYA-14 as described in report KD 732.