Articles for januari 2016

Manual VIRYA-1.66 added

The free manual of the VIRYA-1.66 has been added at the bottom of the menu KD-reports. The 12-pole axial flux generator and the 3-bladed rotor of the VIRYA-1.66 are described in report KD 596. The manual contains only free drawings of the rotor and the generator. For the remaining drawings read chapter 1 of the manual. A specification of the VIRYA-1.66 is given in the folder “Extended specification” at the top of the menu VIRYA-folders. A folder of the VIRYA-1.66 has not yet been made.

Report KD 596 added

Report KD 596: “Ideas about a 12-pole axial flux generator for the VIRYA-1.66 windmill using 12 neodymium magnets size 25.4 * 25.4 * 12.7 mm. Design report of the rotor (lambda design = 4.5, B = 3, stainless steel blades).” has been added to the menu KD-reports. The 12-pole generator described in this report is derived from the 8-pole generator of the VIRYA-1.36 as described in report KD 571. However, in chapter 10 of KD 596, an alternative 2-layers winding is described with which it is possible to get more copper in the stator and therefore to generate more power at the same rotational speed.

Report KD 579 added

Report KD 578, which was already a public KD-report, has been reviewed. Report KD 579: “Extended calculations executed for the grid connected VIRYA-6.5 windmill” had been added. Both reports link together and give all calculations which have been performed up to now for the VIRYA-6.5 windmill.