Articles for september 2018

KD 539 reviewed

Small mistakes have been corrected in KD 539 in which a fast running vane pump is described. A new chapter 9 has been added. In this chapter it is explained why the housing and the rotor have to be modified to prevent that water in the center of the rotor is blocked if it flows from one side of the cut-out to the other side.

KD 651 added

Report KD 651 has been added to the menu KD-reports. The title of this report is: “Calculations executed for the 4-bladed rotor of the VIRYA-3.6L2 windmill (lambda design = 2, galvanised steel blades) with a Polycord transmission in between the rotor shaft and the vertical shaft to drive a rotating positive displacement pump”. The VIRYA-3.6L2 makes use of the same Polycord transmission as used for the VIRYA-3.6 with lambda design = 3.5 and which is meant to drive a centrifugal pump. Report KD 490 in which many options for water pumping are described, has also been reviewed.

Note about PM-generator FP-640 available

At the bottom of the menu KD-reports you find the new note: “Modification of the PM-generator type FP-640”. This generator is supplied by the organisation WinGenKids. In the note I explain how the original winding can be modified such that the DC voltage is reduced that much that it might be possible to use the generator for a small horizontal axis wind turbine for 12 V or 24 V battery charging.