Articles for januari 2017

KD 608 reviewed

Chapter 10 is added to report KD 608 about the 8-pole VIRYA-1 generator. In this chapter 10 an alternative steel stator disk is described which will give the generator a higher maximum torque level. A steel stator disk might also be an alternative if the specified material for the original synthetic stator sheet isn’t available. It is expected that the rise of the temperature of the stator disk due to eddy currents, is acceptable.

Memoirs of a motorbike mechanic

At the menu “no wind energy” an English translation of the Dutch report: “Memoires van een motorsleutelaar” has been added. The name of the English report is: Memoirs of a motorbike mechanic”. This report describes almost all mopeds and motorbikes which I have owned in my life. It gives technical aspects and driving experiences of 6 mopeds and 13 motorbikes.

KD 341 reviewed

Some new reports and notes about PM-generators have been added to report KD 341: Development of the permanet magnet (PM) generators of the VIRYA windmills.

Note: 10-pole PM-generator added

The note: “10-pole PM-generator” has been added at the bottom of the list with KD-reports. This note describes a 10-pole PM-generator with only magnets for the north poles in combination with a stator with 36 slots. A 3-phase stator winding is designed which uses all 36 slots.

KD 624 added

Rapport KD 624 has been added at the menu KD-reports. The titel of this report is: Ideas about a direct drive 46-pole PM-generator for the VIRYA-6.5 windmill meant for driving the 2.2 kW asynchronous motor of a centrifugal pump.