Articles for juli 2019

KD 599 reviewed

The link in this report to the report: “Wind Tunnel Performances Data for Two- and Three-bucket Savonius rotors” has been changed as the original link is no longer working.

KD 137 (in Dutch) beschikbaar

Rapport KD 137 kan gratis gekopieerd worden van het menu “No wind energy”. De titel van dit Nederlandstalige rapport is: “De dubbelzuigervoetpomp”. Dit rapport werd al in 2003 geschreven. Pagina 3 werd in Juli 2019 enigszins aangepast zodat nu naar courante andere KD-rapporten verwezen wordt. Dit rapport staat niet onder het menu KD-reports omdat het niet over windenergie gaat maar over een pomp die met de voeten aangedreven wordt. In figuur 1 van KD 137 wordt een gedetailleerde tekening van de pomp gegeven.

KD 617 added

Report KD 617 from November 2016 has been added to the menu “KD-reports”. The tittle of this report is: “Design report of the VIRYA-2.02 rotor (lambda design = 6, B = 2, tapered stainless steel blades). The geometry of the VIRYA-2.02 rotor was already given in chapter 5 of report KD 616 but the design calculations are given in KD 617.

The 2-bladed VIRYA-2.02 has blades which are made from a 2 mm stainless steel sheet size 2 * 250 * 833 mm. This sheet is cambered first and then ground into two tapered blades. The two blades are connected to each other by a stainless steel connecting strip size 3 * 166 * 416 mm which is cambered at the ends and twisted.

KD 678 reviewed

Report KD 678 has been reviewed totally. The previous rotor had three separate spokes but it was expected that it is difficult to make the hole pattern in these spokes accurately enough to guarantee an exact angle of 120° in between the three blades. So the new rotor has a hub plate made out on one piece of 1.5 mm stainless steel sheet. The blades are made longer to minimise the dimensions of the hub plate. This rotor has a higher maximum Cp, a higher starting torque coefficient and it also looks better.