The title of KD 648 is: Ideas about a 38-pole permanent magnet generator for the VIRYA-3B3 windmill using the housing of a 6-pole, 3-phase, 1.5 kW asynchronous motor frame size 100 and 57 neodymium magnets size 40 * 7 * 3 mm. This generator is an alternative for the original 4-pole generator of the VIRYA-3B3. To give an impression of the rotor of the VIRYA-3B3, the design report of this rotor, which was already made in 2012, is also made public. The title of KD 484 is: Calculations executed for the 3-bladed rotor of the VIRYA-3B3 (lambda design = 6.5, wooden blades). The blades of the VIRYA-3B3 rotor have a constant chord and a constant blade angle.