The new report KD 616 has as tittle:”Translation of parts of report R 343 D of June 1978 from Dutch into English. R 343 D gives wind tunnel measurements for a rotor with tapered blades made out of a cylinder”. Report R 343 D is one of the earliest reports which I wrote when I was working at the Wind Energy Group of the University of Technology Eindhoven. It is probably the only report in which wind tunnel measurements are given for a fast running 2-bladed rotor for which the curved sheet airfoil is used with increasing chord and camber at decreasing radius. All my VIRYA windmills with blades with curved sheet airfoils have a constant chord because such blades are easier to manufacture. But tapered blades have a higher maximum Cp and look better and it might be worth the effort to design a more complicated blade press if the rotor is made in larg series.