This new report Report KD 622 has as tittle: “Ideas about a pitch control mechanisme for the 2-bladed rotor of the VIRYA-5 windmill meant for connection to a 34-pole PM-generator for driving an asynchronous motor of a centrifugal pump. Description of the 34-pole generator”. The VIRYA-5 has already been described in report KD 614 but this first version of the VIRYA-5 is equipped with the hinged side vane safety system which is used in all other VIRYA windmills. However, this safety system makes use of the rotor thrust and it might be that the rotational speed isn’t limited sharp enough to prevent too high rotational speeds of the pump and too high frequencies of the pump motor. For the pitch control system, as described in report KD 622, it is expected that the maximum rotational speed is limited more sharply. The safety system described in KD 622 is rather simple as it uses only the aerodynamic pitch moment and there is no synchronisation mechanism in between both blades. Therefore it is expected that manufacture in developing countries is possible.