Report KD 671 has been added to the menu KD-reports. The title of this report is: “Translation of parts of report R-668-A “Optimalisering van een windservo” (Optimizing of a wind servo) from Dutch into English. Ideas about the VIRYA-2B8″.

Report R-668-A of the Wind Energy Group of the University of Technology Eindhoven was already written in 1984 by the student J. Swinkels. I was one of his supervisors. As this report is no longer available, I thought that it is useful to translate the most important part of it and make it public again.

Report KD 671 gives the wind tunnel measurements for a wind servo for the most promising blade angle of 30┬░ for seven different yaw angles. Chapter 4 gives correction for wind tunnel blockage for the rotor perpendicular to the wind. Chapter 5 describes the VIRYA-2B8 rotor which is about congruent to the measured wind tunnel model.